Black Jeep Wrangler Comp Diff Breather Kit

Our premium breather kit features a CNC Machined Billet Aluminium housing with an enclosed cartridge filter.

It has breather 6 ports for Front & Rear Differential, Gearbox and Transfer Case and 2 spare ports for winches.

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Product Description

Special Kit for JEEP TJ/JK WRANGLER 6-Speed Manual.

Same as our universal kit, but with custom made manual Gearbox Breather Adapter and Brass Hose Barb Adapters.

Extended Breather Kit with 6 Ports.

CNC machined billet Aluminium Housing is weather resistant allowing external mounting such as on the roll bar or wheel carrier.

Extends the breathers on: Front and Rear Differential,  Gearbox, Transfer Case and 1 or 2 Winches. (Fittings supplied for 1 winch.)

How it works:

There is a single central hole on the base of the housing where air can enter and escape as required. This aligns with the centre of the filter cartridge.

The filter cartridge has an integral seal around the hole on the base which fits over a spigot inside the housing – sealing at this point and only allowing air passage through the filter. Around the outside of the filter is a plenum which all 6 ports are connected to.

We recommend you have your favourite 4WD Shop install COMP breather kits for 2 reasons:

  1. The gearbox and transfer case breathers are usually best accessed on the hoist.
  2. Locating the breathers on the gearboxes can be difficult and they do not always have threaded ports, so the mechanic may need to use additional fittings or adaptive rubber hose.

* The COMP has 6 ports but we supply it with 2 of the ports fitted with brass plugs screwed in, more or less plugs can be fitted.*

1 x Black Comp Manifold
6 x 6mm Push Fit Fittings
2 x 90 degree Elbow Fittings
3 x M6 x 25 SS SHC Screws
3 x M6 SS Lock Nuts
20 x Cable Ties
12 Metres of 6mm LDPE Tube
1 x BRC Sticker

JEEP Extras:
1 x Stainless Bracket
1 x Special Machined Plastic Adapter & O-Ring
1 x 90 Degree Elbow 6mm – 1/8bsp fitting

Additional Information

Weight .95 kg
Dimensions 27 × 26 × 7 cm